Approve Paperwork


To approve a form, login as a Sponsor Admin, go to the Ready Records tab and click on Review Form, then 1) change the form to "Approved" 2)  set the effective and expiration dates 3) determine the income eligibility category and reason 4) click Save.

Detailed Explanation

The first step in approving the paperwork is to look at the list of forms that have been completed by parents.

  • Begin by logging in as a Sponsor Admin User
  • Click on “Ready Records” tab from the main dashboard.

On the screen you will see a list of forms that are awaiting sponsor approval. You have the option to filter the list to show only specific site(s).

  • Click on “Review Form” to go to the pending form.

On this screen you will see the following at the top of the screen:

HIEF StatusWill be set to Pending
First effective monthWill be set to the month the parent completed the form
Last effective monthWill be prefilled to one year from the month the form was completed
F/R/P valuesAll Ready Records forms come into the system as "Paid". Sponsor Admin users need to make the determination of the income eligibility category. My Food Program will not make income category determinations.
ReasonPrefilled as "Select"

In the middle of the screen, you will see

  1. A link that says "View Document" that lets you download a PDF of the draft form
  2. A message from Ready Records if the parent provided a case number

At the bottom of the screen you will see a household size and income if the parent provided household income information. This data is pre-filled in our courtesy Income Category Calculator that you can use to assist you in determining the income category.

To approve the form:

  1. Change the status to "Approved" in the top box
  2. Adjust the effective and expiration dates if necessary
  3. Determine if the form should be classified as Free, Reduced or Paid using either the case number displayed on the screen or the household size and income information in the Income Category Calculator
  4. Select a Reason (and complete the case number if necessary)
  5. Click Save

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